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Are you looking for a reliable specialist and point of contact, one who can provide the right system solutions for your composite applications at first hand?

We offer you specialist reactive resin products that meet all your needs: our range includes gelcoats, topcoats, bonding pastes and much more – including the associated release agents and initiators and the right application technology. And: we specialise in composite applications in the area of fire safety!
With Europe-wide distribution sites, BÜFA guarantees an internationally reliable service network and expertise based on practical experience.

Our customers include manufacturers from the automotive, rail vehicle, wind energy, construction, plumbing, tank and pipe, boat building and swimming pool sectors. Our experts will be happy to advise you in person.


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We operate in numerous Sectors Internationally

Our customers include processors of composite materials in the areas of cars, commercial and rail vehicles, wind energy, boat building and cruise ships, swimming pools and plumbing, the building industry and tank construction.

Along with our main site in Germany (Rastede), we are proud to operate 8 other distribution centres in Europe.

In addition, we are increasingly exporting more sustainable products throughout the world and collaborate with reputable international partners.
Here’s to the future! Here’s to composites!

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Fire Retardant Systems for Rail Transport

Emergencies involving rail transport are considered particularly challenging throughout the world: if a train catches fire in a tunnel, for example, rescuing passengers is no easy feat. The components used here must therefore be very well equipped to withstand fire in order to keep escape routes open as long as possible. The European requirements of the resin products used in this area are brought together in the strict EN 45545-2 standard.
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