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Hand in hand with the Composites Industry

Fibre-reinforced composite materials have changed the world because of their outstanding technical properties and the virtually unlimited options for shaping them. Compared to traditional materials such as aluminium or steel, projects can now be achieved with fibre-reinforced lightweight design which seemed impossible just a few years ago.

Hand in hand with our business partners, we are shaping the future of the composite materials industry - in an innovative way, close to the customer! In an area covering 75,000m², we develop and produce complete solutions for composite materials and send them out all over the world. With the help of numerous sales companies and distribution partners, we guarantee a reliable international service network.

BÜFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Rastede, Germany, is part of the Oldenburg-based BÜFA Group. Established in 1964 under the name BÜFA Reaktionsharze, the company was renamed BÜFA Gelcoat Plus in the interim.


Complete Solutions for Various Industries

As a unique system provider with our own machine technology, we are continuously developing new, complex materials and the corresponding machine and application technology.<br/> <br/> Our customers supply composite parts to reputable companies in the automotive, railway and commercial vehicle, wind energy, construction, plumbing, tank and pipe construction industries and in boat construction and the swimming pool sector. In BÜFA you have one of the leading European manufacturers of specialist reactive resin products at your side.

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Sustainable, Innovative and Personal

As a family business with high ethical standards, new chemistry does not stop for us with innovative solutions and applications. We also optimise our products in relation to minimal load on people and the environment. For new products, we always ensure that we are below statutory thresholds: this means sustainability in line with our company philosophy.

You benefit from this commitment to sustainability in the form of future-proof products and reliable supply: we ensure this by complying with the highest certified standards and investing regularly in occupational safety, environmental protection and technology.

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Europe-wide distribution sites

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