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Technical Service

Are you facing technical challenges or do you need technical support for your project? Our specialists offer you expert, professional advice and take care of your needs on site.

Try our comprehensive machine and application expertise and outstanding technical service for yourself. Here and across Europe at all BÜFA distribution sites and trade partners.


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Machine Technology: Service & Project Advice

BÜFA Tec offers more than just a sophisticated range of machines. Are you looking for a system that is specially made for you and takes account of your needs? Then BÜFA Tec machine technology is the right choice for you!

BÜFA Tec Products

Fire Retardant Testing Centre

As an established developer and manufacturer of GRP materials, BÜFA Composite Systems has decades of experience in conducting tests. We will be happy to put the equipment in BÜFA’s own test laboratory and the knowledge of our highly experienced employees at your disposal.

Fire safety testing centre

Technical Information Sheets

Submit a request for the technical information sheets for our individual product lines or trade products by email or phone, and we will be happy to help.

Technical information sheets

Safety Data Sheets

The safety data sheets are sent to you automatically on initial delivery and in the event of any changes. But you are also welcome to contact us to request the latest safety data sheet.

We need the product name, the article number and your customer number to avoid any confusion and ensure that you get the right safety data sheet. We will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

Safety data sheets