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Are you looking for a seamless range of gelcoats, topcoats, resins, high-performance adhesives, initiators, mould tooling and fire safety systems for all areas of application? Are you looking for a committed partner with unrivalled expertise? Then you have come to the right place.

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Wind Energy | BÜFA®-Bonding Pastes, Gelcoats, Topcoats and Resins

Master your Biggest Challenges!

The wind industry is understandably one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Global installed capacity for this clean technology is over 650 GW. And the potential is growing steadily as new markets open up.
Along with that potential, the requirements regarding fire safety, service life, output and areas of application are also increasing: A wind turbine should last 20 to 30 years and be capable of operating in all climate zones (onshore and offshore). That presents challenges for materials and design.
In view of these challenges, product selection is a crucial part of planning and development.
BÜFA Composite Systems offers the right products and systems for wind energy, which meet the requirements and can cope with the increasing load. Our industry experts will be happy to advise you on all questions about selection and processing, based on our extensive expertise.

Our customers make products for the big wind farm manufacturers. We create solutions together. Simply get in touch with us!

High-quality Specialist Composites

Our product range includes innovative composite specialities for the highest quality requirements in terms of mechanical properties, flexibility and fire safety.
The BÜFA®-Bonding Paste portfolio offers optimal products for individual requirements when bonding rotor blades. They are particularly well suited to bonding laminates that are subject to high dynamic loads across a wide temperature range.

The rotor diameter of the turbines installed in Germany in 2019 averaged 119 metres, the hub height 133 metres and the total height 193 metres. The quality of a rotor blade is determined by the reliability of the many bonded joints. Thick adhesive seams are required to bond shells and webs, and the material must not run off sloping walls.
There are also high requirements for temperature resistance (between -40°C and +60°C) and mechanical strength (without formation of cracks).
BÜFA®-Bonding Pastes are based on elasticised vinyl ester resins, which makes them flexible even if temperatures fluctuate At the same time, their excellent strength is impressive – even on vertical surfaces. They can be processed by hand as well as with suitable BÜFA Tec metering equipment.

Rotor blades, machine housings and hubcaps are permanently exposed to environmental factors such as humidity, light, temperature, lightning and impact stress. Highly flexible materials with good impact resistance properties are therefore required.
Depending on the production process and later use of the components, we recommend the products from our extensive BÜFA®-Gelcoat portfolio. e.g.:

Very good weathering properties:
BÜFA®-Standard Gelcoats

For inside coating of nacelles in particular:
BÜFA®-Firestop Gelcoats/Topcoats

For laminates with high demands in terms of mechanical strength:
BÜFA®-RTM/Injection Resins

Railway Vehicles | BÜFA®-Firestop Gelcoats | REFISA

REFISA - Specialist in Rail Vehicles

REFISA is a reference company in the rail vehicle industry which specialises in the manufacture of polyester parts mainly in the rail vehicle sector and has over 30 years of experience in doing so. The company currently works for leading national and European railway construction firms. REFISA has made over 2,500 complete fronts for underground railway trains and trams with an annual production volume currently of 150-200 units. The company has 4 modern productions sites covering an area of 14,000 m², three of which are in the area of Lleida (Spain), and one is in Serbia, from where customers in central Europe are served.

The search for the best Fire Protection

Before the European standard EN 45545 on protection against fire and smoke finally became binding for rail traffic, REFISA carried out a product search to find an alternative to phenol resins, which are used in the manufacture of glass fibre parts.

“We all agreed that we should have an obligation to use systems with resin and gelcoats that not only eliminate toxicity, but also meet the new regulations,” says REFISA. “Having tested several different options on the market without much success, we finally came upon the BÜFA®-Firestop Gelcoat Series S 270 with intumescence technology, which we were able to combine with various resins in manual lamination and infusion processes.”


BÜFA®-Firestop S 285-SV - Intumescent, Pre-Accelerated, Fire-Retardant

Today REFISA uses the latest generation of intumescent filled gelcoats, the BÜFA®-Firestop S 285-SV: a pre-accelerated, fire-retardant gelcoat that was developed for the most important fire safety applications in rail transport.
REFISA explains: “This is a halogen-free, intumescent, fire-retardant gelcoat based on an unsaturated polyester resin that was developed for spray application and which has enabled us to use the flame retardant gelcoats across the board in our company, both for manual production and for infusion and RTM Light.
BÜFA®-Firestop Gelcoat S 285-SV is a very versatile gelcoat that is easy to spray and cures even at low temperatures.
With this gelcoat in combination with various BÜFA®-Firestop resins, we make a range of parts throughout Europe such as roofs, channels and fronts for underground trains and trams and undercarriages for high-speed trains, where the requirements regarding fire and smoke and their behaviour in load tests are very restrictive.”


Advantages of BÜFA®-Firestop Gelcoats

  • Ready to use immediately
  • Greater flexibility (lower brittleness)
  • Low shrinkage tendency
  • Reduced emissions
  • Adequate fire protection from a layer thickness of 600 μm
  • EN 45545 (R1, R7, R17) HL 2 / HL 3 – with and without paint

Suitable for Various Processes

  • Hand lamination process: BÜFA®-Firestop GC S 285 + BÜFA®-Firestop 8175-W-1
  • RTM / VI: BÜFA®-Firestop GC S 285 + BÜFA®-Firestop S 425
  • Light RTM: BÜFA®-Firestop GC S 285 + BÜFA®-Firestop S 900 Foaming


A joint project of Refisa and BÜFA

Cruise Ships | BÜFA®-Bonding Pastes, Gelcoats | Astondoa

Astondoa Superyacht AS8 – A Masterpiece of the Seas

It sits in the water, majestic and sleek: the latest AS8 superyacht in the Spanish boatyard of Astondoa. Since October 2020, this masterpiece of modern design has been making its way over the seas. At 25.25 metres, it is the biggest yacht in Astondoa’s Flybridge series and combines aesthetics with sporty functionality.

For optimal resilience and durability, the hull of this light boat is made of an infusion glass fibre laminate with Kevlar® reinforcement. Products of outstanding quality are required to protect this basic framework and ensure that the AS8 and its sisters will be able to ride the high seas for many years to come. The Spanish Astondoa boatyard relies on BÜFA’s specialist composite products, which have been certified for the construction of superyachts for over 10 years, and on the professional advice of our employees on site.


Marine quality: BÜFA®-Gelcoats & Bonding Pastes

For the construction of the AS8, Astondoa opted for low-styrene BÜFA gelcoats, in combination with the wide range of BÜFA bonding pastes. These are characterised by excellent weathering and working properties and very good mechanical features.


Advantages of BÜFA®-Gelcoats at a Glance

  • Low styrene emissions
  • Very good working properties
  • High-quality surfaces
  • Outstanding weathering stability
  • Excellent mechanical properties

Gelcoats and topcoats

Versatility of BÜFA®-Bonding Pastes

Astondoa used various types of BÜFA bonding pastes for its diverse and specific requirements:

  • VE bonding pastes (e.g. for hull and deck bonds)
  • Bonding pastes for sandwich constructions (e.g. for bonding foams or balsawood)
  • Universal bonding pastes for wood, metal and GRP bonds
  • Special solutions to avoid air pockets behind the gelcoat


Bonding pastes


Would you like to see the results? Then get a taste of the maritime lifestyle and watch the first launch of the AS8 hull. For further information, please visit

A joint project of Astondoa and BÜFA

Construction | BÜFA®-Gelcoats | LLC “Composite Group”

Pioneer of the Composites Industry

LLC “Composite Group”  is currently one of the leading private companies in Russia in the composites industry. Among other things, the company makes fire safety panels for the construction, rail and commercial vehicle industries and for technological equipment.
The company is also continually developing new opportunities for using composite products with new properties and application areas. For example:  fibreglass sandwich panels, panels with integrated polymer heating systems, products based on sprayed “artificial stone”, chemically resistant tanks with complex shapes and products with special physical and mechanical properties.


Petrol Station in the Ice

In 2018 LLC “Composite Group” was given the challenge of making a glass fibre dome with an orange gelcoat (BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000). The intention was to protect winter sports enthusiasts when filling up their snowmobiles and shelter the temporary fuel store from the wind and cold. When the 64th “Russian Antarctic Expedition” spent the winter at Vostok Station, the first scientific and climatic tests of a glass fibre dome of this sort were carried out. The dome was installed in a snow-covered area in order to assess the effects of the harsh climatic conditions of the Antarctic on the material.

BÜFA®-ISO Gelcoat 3000 can withstand extreme cold and UV radiation.

In the summer months (February-April 2019), the dome was exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation (“hole in the ozone layer”) and the effects of low temperatures (average temperature -74°С and minimum -82°С) and in the winter months, to the abrasive effects of needle snowflakes in winds of up to 20 m/sec. According to S.F. Vasyutkin, General Director of “Composite Group” LLC, the feedback from the Russian scientists shows that the composite material of the dome with a gelcoat layer of BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000 withstood all of the factors mentioned above without altering the material, including the degree of gloss. The dome is still being used by employees at Vostok Station in a long-term test at low temperatures and in strong UV radiation.

Product advantages of BÜFA®-ISO GELCOAT 3000

The BÜFA range includes a multitude of gelcoats for a wide range of application areas. As Europe’s leading provider of gelcoats, BÜFA invests continuously in the development of its product range. BÜFA®-ISO Gelcoat 3000 has many advantages.


Benefits at a Glance:

  • Unique colour accuracy
  • UV-resistant
  • Extremely weather-resistant, with high gloss retention
  • REACH-compliant
  • Manual and spray application possible
  • Available types: gelcoats and topcoats

With application by hand (BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000-H), it is possible to apply the gelcoat in one stage because of the higher working viscosity (compared to the 3000-S). BÜFA®-ISO Gelcoat 3000-S (spray application) impresses with its good thixotropic behaviour without pigment separation.

Gelcoats and topcoats


Marine | BÜFA Composites and KHULULA – Together for a Greener Future

Entry into Sustainable Sailing

Success stories make the difference between stagnation and progress. At a time in which environmental responsibility and innovation both play increasingly ma- jor roles, BÜFA Composite Systems, as a specialist supplier of polyester resins, and KHULULA, as a trailblazer for sustainable progress in sailing, have joined forces.

In early 2022 KHULULA presented the ‘Eco_Optimist’ – a highly remarkable sailing boat and the first of its kind, built predominantly from renewable and recycled materials.

The visionaries behind this environmentally friendly optimist are Simon Licht and Holger Ambroselli of KHULULA. Their idea led to the formation of the Eco_ Team Race Germany, the world’s first sustainable, transparently documented sports series for children. The long periods of operation and the intensity of use during these races has emphasized the real performance of the boat.

BÜFA Composites provided an biobased resin, flax as a natural fibre reinforce- ment and a strong sandwich core in recycled PET, which formed the basis for the project. Simon Licht of KHULULA commended the decisive support provided by BÜFA, which formed the basis for the environmentally friendly boat and support- ed KHULULA’s efforts towards sustainable innovation in sailing.

Implementation of the Eco_Optimist was handled professionally by Tobias Schadewaldt and his team from Jade Yachting. The good, straightforward fab- rication properties of the materials supplied by BÜFA Composites in the closed- mould process were confirmed, which contributed to the efficient and precise manufacturing of the boats. Thanks to production in Germany using accessory parts from Europe, lengthy sea transport could be avoided.

The result is an environmentally friendly ‘Opti’ class dinghy in fibre composites with hydrolysis and UV resistance made with about 90% renewable raw materi- als and recycled materials. BÜFA provided support not only with its products but also during the production phase since the first prototype was produced in the application technology department of BÜFA Composites. The result shows that sustainability and performance can go together.

The integration of bio resins, natural fibre reinforcements and recycled PET sandwich cores as sustainable individual components or as part of an integrated sustainable system opens up exciting prospects for the future. These solutions could set new benchmarks for environmental friendliness and efficiency in many branches. The future looks promising as more and more companies are seeking sustainable solutions for making their products and processes more environ- mentally friendly.


Commercial Vehicles | BÜFA®-Gelcoats | Hatcher Components Ltd.

Welcome to Hatcher

Hatcher Components Ltd. specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing aerodynamic and design solutions for commercial vehicles using glass fibre reinforced plastics. The range of customers served by Hatcher Components in the UK and Europe runs from leading manufacturers to end consumers.
Hatcher Components Ltd. has been manufacturing GRP components for 50 years and using BÜFA materials, delivered by BUFA Composites UK, for over 20 years:
all the production tools are made with BÜFA®-VE Tooling Gelcoat in hand quality. The BÜFA®-ISO Gelcoat 3000 range is used in spray and hand versions with GRP components.

Customised Aerodynamic Production

With its specialisation in the design and development of external cab spoilers, Hatcher optimises the aerodynamics and fuel consumption of vehicles.
The tailor-made cab suspension devices (vehicle interior) fit completely to the back of the cab roof and do not affect the space for the bunk underneath. When fitted, the devices look as if they were installed in the factory, as they match the style and colour of the interior completely.  The subdivided compartments with lockable doors offer an additional secure space solution of up to 500 litres, depending on the design, and are equipped with gas cylinders.


High-quality Moulds and Superior Colour Stability

In response to the question “Why BÜFA?”, Neil Smith, Head of Operations at Hatcher Components Ltd., says:
“With BÜFA®-VE Tooling Gelcoat, we are able to make high-quality moulds. The development time for new products is cut and the tool surface is significantly improved at the same time.  BÜFA®-ISO Gelcoat 3000 guarantees that the components, which are exposed to the worst weather conditions every day, have superior colour stability and high gloss durability. The capacity to achieve colour combinations quickly here in the UK, combined with the short material lead time from BUFA Composites UK, makes it possible to adapt rapidly to continually changing customer requirements. The hand version of the BÜFA®-ISO Gelcoat 3000 is used for manual application, the BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000 spray version is used with the BÜFA®-Tec GSU ES1 Machine on the RTM production line.”

Product advantages of BÜFA®-ISO GELCOAT 3000

The BÜFA range includes a multitude of gelcoats for a wide range of application areas. As Europe’s leading provider of gelcoats, BÜFA invests continuously in the development of its product range. BÜFA®-ISO Gelcoat 3000 has many advantages.


Benefits at a Glance:

  • Unique colour accuracy
  • UV-resistant
  • Extremely weather-resistant, with high gloss retention
  • REACH-compliant
  • Manual and spray application possible
  • Available types: gelcoats and topcoats

With application by hand (BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000-H), it is possible to apply the gelcoat in one stage because of the higher working viscosity (compared to the 3000-S). BÜFA®-ISO Gelcoat 3000-S (spray application) impresses with its good thixotropic behaviour without pigment separation.

Gelcoats and topcoats

A collaborative project of Hatcher Components, BUFA Composites UK and BÜFA

Commercial Vehicles | BÜFA®-Foaming Resin Systems | VDL Bus & Coach

VDL Bus & Coach – Sustainable Mobility

Clear lines, technically sophisticated functions, high-quality materials and a low-maintenance, fuel-saving lightweight design characterise the range of coaches from VDL Bus & Coach.  The coaches offer maximum comfort in all situations: from day trips to first-class long-distance travel.  The city and overland buses developed by VDL Bus & Coach are produced for the international public transport market.
With an eye to the future and in line with its efforts to achieve sustainable mobility, VDL Bus & Coach is working continuously on improving its products and production processes.  The aim is to provide mobility for everyone. People are at the heart of both the company and its products. In particular, the light dead weight of the buses from VDL Bus & Coach ensures optimal performance and maximum yield for its customers.


So light! – with BÜFA-Foaming Resin Systems

BÜFA’s own foam resin systems (BÜFA-Foaming Resin Systems) are just made for lightweight commercial vehicles such as buses from VDL Bus & Coach. The foam resin systems from BÜFA offer:

  • Safety in relation to fire protection
  • Weight reduction of up to 45%
  • Efficient and fast to work with
  • Economic advantages
  • First-class surface quality

In order to work with BÜFA®-Foaming Resin Systems, you require a BÜFA foam resin that meets your needs, BÜFA’s own blowing agent and peroxide. We will be happy to advise you on suitable products and the right processing.

Foam resins

A joint project of VDL Bus & Coach, OMB and BÜFA

Mould Making | BÜFA®-Conductive Tooling System | Eikboom GmbH

EIKBOOM GmbH – GRP Components for Various Sectors

The Rostock-based company EIKBOOM GmbH is a medium-sized, family-run business that specialises in supporting its customers with every phase of the product life cycle – from development to serial production. The GRP components of EIKBOOM are used, for example, in wind turbine and cooling tower construction and in creating aesthetic architectural solutions and solving technical tasks with special designs and surface structures.
In 2005, EIKBOOM was involved in the prototype construction of the nacelle for Germany’s first near-shore turbine – the largest offshore wind turbine in the world at the time. In addition, the manufacturer supplies high-quality components made of fibre-reinforced plastics for vehicle, boat and ship construction, the food, sports and leisure industries, plant engineering and many other sectors.


By Professionals for Professionals

EIKBOOM offers the right machinery and processing technology for both open and closed-system processes. Quality is monitored continuously in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Using a CNC-controlled processing centre, EIKBOOM also offers its customers high-precision processing of components with unusual tolerances. EIKBOOM specialises in manufacturing and supplying vehicle body components and interior GRP parts to the automotive industry. EIKBOOM is fully aware of the advantages of fibre-reinforced plastic in terms of lightweight engineering and shape design and puts its trust here in the BÜFA®-Tooling System:

“The new antistatic BÜFA®-Conductive Tooling Gelcoat and the BÜFA®-Mould Tooling Resins can be processed effortlessly. Safety is an important consideration for us – the conductive system helps prevent electrostatic discharge during demoulding. Another crucial factor is that the system produces high-quality surfaces. This system is an absolute asset,” says Meyk Rohde, Head of Sales at EIKBOOM GmbH.

Mould tooling systems


BÜFA-Tooling System – Cost-effective and Conductive

For even better tools within a shorter time and with an extremely cost-effective process: the new BÜFA Tooling System is a revolutionary mould making system based on the latest findings in polymer chemistry. The following components make up the BÜFA Tooling System:

  • 1. The conductive BÜFA®-Conductive-Tooling Gelcoat
  • 2. BÜFA®-Resin VE 0910 first-layer resin
  • 3. BÜFA®-Resin VE 7100 low-profile tooling resin

The material is processed with the BÜFA®-Tec ES 1 Easy Lift Gelcoat Spraying System. The new BÜFA®-Tooling System saves you time, uses less material and even protects the environment. With first class mechanical characteristics and high-gloss surface finishing, you can improve your product quality enormously. In addition, the conductivity of the tool makes a significant contribution to occupational safety.


Advantages of the BÜFA-Tooling System at a Glance

  • Increased process reliability
  • Reliably prevents electrostatic build-up and discharge
  • Minimised dust adhesion
  • Significantly reduced cycle times
  • High-quality component surfaces with significantly reduced ripple effect
  • Significantly better value for money

In particular, the BÜFA®-Conductive Tooling Gelcoat offers the following advantages in addition to the usual properties of a tooling gelcoat:

  • Electrically conductive (TÜV-certified)
  • Additional safety (use in EX-zones 2, 1 and 0)
  • Better component quality
  • Faster cycle times thanks to a reduction in cleaning steps
  • Longer service life for tools
  • New opportunities for innovative processes
  • Ideal working properties
  • High gloss and optimised surface stability
  • Less work required to maintain moulds

Gelcoats and Topcoats


A joint project of Eikboom and BÜFA

Swimming Pools | BÜFA®-Swim NPG Gelcoats | EUROPOOL

Europool – All-round Service for Swimming Pleasure

Europool, a company from Poland (Mogilno), builds GRP swimming pools and is a long-standing customer of BÜFA. Europool offers its customers a Europe-wide, all-round service from manufacture of the pool to assembly, installation, accessories and fast customer service. There are several pool variants. From garden pools that have been for sale in Baumarkt since the beginning of 2018 to more complex, individual, luxury solutions. For the highest surface quality of its pools, Europool relies on BÜFA®-Swim NPG Gelcoats in various colours. These gelcoats are applied by spray. Europool also uses BÜFA®-Resin VE for the manual lamination and fibre spraying process.


BÜFA-Swim-NPG Gelcoats are Impressive

“With the aim of offering our customers professional products of the highest manufacturing quality, we have opted to use BÜFA products over many years. The high quality standards of BÜFA’s processing materials and the effective on-site support are a guarantee of good collaboration,”says Krzysztof Rakowski (Managing Director of Europool). “Pools made of fibre-reinforced plastics, the production and assembly of which requires far less time and money than swimming pools made of reinforced concrete, are also very easy to customise.”

Follow the example of Europool: BÜFA supplies an extensive product portfolio for pool construction worldwide and offers you a large selection of individual production options. As a system supplier, BÜFA also offers the appropriate bonding pastes and machine technology for optimum processability.

Swim-NPG Gelcoats

Bonding Pastes



Step by Step to the Optimal Surface

Double holds better, three layers really do the job. These 3 layers help to give the pool the optimal surface and reliable resistance to osmosis:

1. Gelcoat

We recommend BÜFA®-Swim-NPG (art. no. 752-colour) with maximum resistance to osmosis. Working temperature: maximum 35°C.

2. Barrier coat or First Layer of Resin

Barrier Coat
BÜFA®-VE Barriercoat SV, beige, in the spray version (art. no. 722-1966) is suitable as a barrier coat.
This additional gelcoat layer based on a vinyl ester resin improves the surface quality and resistance to osmosis and is therefore strongly recommended.

First Layer of Resin
Alternatively, use BÜFA®-Resin VE 0910 (art. no. 700-0910), a pre-accelerated, thixotropic resin with standard MEKP curing. This is perfect as the first layer of resin.

3. Completion of the Laminate
SYNOLITE 8388-P-1 (art. no. 770-8388) is the medium of choice to build up and complete the laminate after the first layer of resin.

A joint Project of Europool and BÜFA

Conductive | BÜFA®-Conductive Gelcoats | INTERTEC

INTERTEC – Protection against Harsh Conditions

INTERTEC is a supplier of unique systems that offer reliable protection for highly sensitive field instrumentation. They protect systems that operate under tough conditions throughout the world – in the Arctic, in the desert and, of course, also in Europe. More than half a million INTERTEC protection systems of this sort help instruments, analytical devices, mobile phone and radar equipment, signal systems, transmitters and much more operate smoothly and without risk.

Extensive expertise in engineering and innovation, e.g. in explosion protection, fire prevention and safety technology, have allowed INTERTEC to grow into a world leading manufacturer in this segment.
The individually adaptable INTERTEC protection systems consist of GRP sandwich elements with inside and outside layers and a core of thermally insulating PU foam. They combine strength and rigidity with protection against harsh environmental conditions that is well above the average.


BÜFA CONDUCTIVE Gelcoats – Perfect Teamwork

For this, BÜFA Composites supplies the new and innovative BÜFA®-CONDUCTIVE Gelcoats, which are based on nanotechnology and thus have outstanding properties in the area of conductivity and processing optimisation.

“BÜFA®-CONDUCTIVE Gelcoat, a high-tech material, offers unbeatable advantages for manufacturing protective systems in explosion protection areas (in accordance with IEC, ATEX, CSA, GOST, Nepsi) and for use under tough environmental conditions with high mechanical requirements,” says Walter Gabler, Technical Director at INTERTEC.

“Our customers include almost all the best-known companies in the areas of energy, chemicals and engineering in the world. They trust us when it comes to protecting highly sensitive instruments and control devices against extreme loads – with high-tech housings and heating or cooling systems from INTERTEC.”

The two companies are linked by decades of collaboration, from which BÜFA®-CONDUCTIVE Gelcoats emerged as a joint project.

Conductive Gelcoats


Conductive, Innovative, Versatile

BÜFA®-Conductive Line products offer completely new possibilities for applications requiring low electrical resistance.
“BÜFA-ISO-Gelcoat-SV conductive grey” is the new generation of conductive gelcoats in the BÜFA portfolio. Their outstanding conductivity is achieved by the addition of very small quantities of single-walled CNTs. In comparison to conventional materials based on carbon black, graphite or carbon fibre, the quantity used is around 300 times less; compared to standard multi-walled CNTs, 30 times less. With the new technology, resistors can be set variably in a range from 10 to the power of 9 to 10 to the power of 2 Ohms. This opens up many new possibilities and advantages.

Appearance, Processing and Process Reliability

Externally, the BÜFA-CONDUCTIVE Gelcoats range from new, previously unattainable colours to translucent gelcoat formulations. Visually, the new formulation cannot be distinguished from normal, non-conductive materials. The low amounts required makes high-gloss components possible. The working properties are maintained, so normal processing machines can be used. The viscosity figures are at normal/standard levels. This ensures much better de-airing compared to conventional materials. Because of the smaller proportion of pigment, there is no longer any significant negative effect on curing behaviour. In order to ensure high process reliability, the conductivity values can be reproduced from one component to the next. The fine distribution of nanoparticles in the gelcoat gives uniform conductivity values.

Product Benefits at a Glance:

  • Constant electrical conductivity, adjustable from 10 to the power of 9 to 10 to the power of 2 Ohms.
  • Can be used with electrical heating elements (resistance heating)
  • Low concentration of functional additives makes a wide range of colours possible
  • Translucent and available in various colours
  • Antistatic
  • Process reliability/easy processing
  • Low viscosity for optimal processing

You can see the potential applications for the complete range of BÜFA products for processing composite materials here.


A joint Project of INTERTEC and BÜFA

Cruise Ships | BÜFA®-Bonding Paste | Astondoa

Astondoa – a Passion for the Sea

Astondoa is based in Santa Pola – with a view over the sea and just 10 minutes away from Alicante airport. Yachts measuring up to 122 metres in length are made there in an area covering over 30,000 m².
Its passion for manufacturing and designing yachts began back in 1916. Now in its third generation, Astondoa serves the leisure sailing sector as the largest boatyard for yachts and boats in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. 100 years of experience are the basis for and guarantee of its current strength in technology, design and innovation. It has already built over 3,000 boats and its production figures currently touch 100 units a year – with models and functions for every taste. Attractive designs, equipped with modern technology, are the essence of the Astondoa philosophy, which is defined by smooth lines, styling, decoration and optimal use of space, both inside and out.
In the production process, particular emphasis is placed on avoiding emissions and pollutants.


Astondoa Century 110 – naturally with BÜFA

Astondoa builds boats that spark the instinct for adventure, without sacrificing luxury or refinement. This is the unmistakable stamp of the company.
To mark 100 years of the company’s history, Astondoa has launched a new line of large luxury yachts: Astondoa Century. The first model in this new line is the Astondoa Century 110, a 110-foot yacht with a flybridge, a total length of 33.5 metres and a width of 7.03 metres. The Century 110 is just one of the many masterpieces for which Astondoa has used BÜFA materials over more than 10 years. Out of a belief in the quality of BÜFA® products and the professional advice of our employees on site. BÜFA®-Gelcoats and BÜFA®-Bonding Pastes have proven themselves over many years. BÜFA®-Tooling Gelcoat, Neogel-Gelcoat, BÜFA®-Bonding Paste 0051 and 0110 and BÜFA®-Paraffin Solution were also used in the manufacture of the Century 110.

BÜFA Bonding Pastes


BÜFA – Predestined for Boat Building

Boat building is an important area of application for fibre reinforced plastics. Individual parts, whole decks and complete boat hulls for sailing/motor yachts and powerboats are made from high-quality GRP. The quality of the gelcoats used must meet the highest demands, given the permanent exposure to sun and sea water and repeated surface treatment by the boat’s owner. Characteristics such as colour accuracy, osmosis resistance and surface gloss are important material attributes.

Along with gelcoats and topcoats based on ISO/NPG and ISO, BÜFA Composite Systems has a wide product range of high-quality bonding pastes ready for delivery. These include high-quality VE bonding pastes (e.g. for hull/deck bonding), bonding pastes for sandwich constructions made from foams and balsawood, universal bonding pastes (for wood, metal, GRP bonds) and highly specialised solutions (e.g. “liquid glass mats” to prevent air gaps behind the gelcoat).

You can see the potential applications for the complete range of BÜFA products for processing composite materials here.


A joint project of Astondoa and BÜFA