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Laboratory Service

The whole is more than the sum of its parts – GRP specialist BÜFA Composite Systems brings this aphorism to life. Especially in multi-component systems such as fibre-reinforced composites, all components must be optimally matched to each other so that the product delivers the required performance.

As an established developer and manufacturer of GRP materials, BÜFA Composite Systems has decades of experience in conducting tests. You too can benefit from the equipment in BÜFA’s own test laboratory and the knowledge of our highly experienced employees.


BÜFA Laboratory Service

Please note: These tests serve as a guide and provide you with a reliable and cost-effective pre-assessment for your own monitoring process. However, they do not replace in-depth testing conducted in certified laboratories by you as the company responsible.


Fire Safety – Saving lives with High-tech

Whether a component meets certain fire safety requirements or not depends on many factors. Layer thicknesses, composition and structure of the laminates, the nature and type of the paint – how the product behaves in a fire results from the complex interplay of all these components and cannot be simulated in a satisfactory way. A fire testing laboratory with powerful measuring devices is therefore required here – and the experience that BÜFA employees have gained over decades of practical testing.

On request, BÜFA will carry out complete test runs and check them as a guide before they go to the customer’s fire testing facility. The customer is secure in the knowledge that the products developed with BÜFA meet the relevant standards in their area of application. This saves on unnecessary development cycles and thus on costs.


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