Strategic partnerships: BÜFA Composites with Cordenka and EcoTechnilin

We have partnered with Cordenka, a leading global manufacturer of premium rayon fibres used in critical and demanding applications across multiple industries. Cordenka is particularly known for its high-tensile, cellulose-based synthetic fibres, which are primarily used as reinforcement material in high-performance tyres, technical rubber products and composites. Cordenka's commitment to sustainable production practices supports our endeavour to provide environmentally responsible solutions.

We have also established a partnership with EcoTechnilin, the European leading supplier of non-woven, woven and unidirectional product based on natural fibres.

EcoTechnilin has more than two decades of experience in the technical application of natural fibres and offers solutions that are lightweight, durable, visually appealing and sustainable. This partnership extends to all countries in which BÜFA Composite Systems is active, with the exception of France.

These strategic alliances not only enrich our product portfolio, but also strengthen our endeavour to offer environmentally friendly alternatives that do not compromise on quality and performance. For more information on how our partnerships with Cordenka and EcoTechnilin can benefit your business and projects, please contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your specific requirements and how our advanced solutions can contribute to your success.