BÜFA Composite Systems launches sustainable products and BÜFA®-future Eco Label

BÜFA Composite Systems introduces sustainable product portfolio and new environmental label BÜFA®-future

BÜFA Composite Systems, Europe's leading distributor and manufacturer of polyester resin specialties, announces the launch of its comprehensive sustainable product range and the innovative sustainability label BÜFA®-future. The company, recognised for its innovation and commitment to sustainability, is setting a new standard in the composites industry.

With more than a century of experience in the chemical industry, BÜFA has become synonymous with innovation, quality and sustainability. The introduction of the sustainable product range is a further step in the company's journey to make a positive impact on the environment while meeting the needs of the market.

To make it easier for polyester resin users to identify and select sustainable products, BÜFA Composite Systems has developed the BÜFA®-future label. This label identifies a carefully selected range of products that meet the highest standards for environmental protection. The range includes styrene-reduced and styrene-free products, bio-based raw materials, products with recycled raw materials, as well as solutions for fire retardant and conductive applications.

With the new BÜFA®-future label, the company is introducing an internal ecological seal of approval that characterises sustainable products in the composites sector. These products contribute to the reduction of VOC emissions and are based on raw materials from biological sources or recycled waste streams. With BÜFA®-future, we make it clear to our customers that we are committed to creating a more liveable future. Our products should not only fulfil current needs, but also be in line with responsible, sustainable and future-oriented product development.

BÜFA Composite Systems supplies many sustainable industries, including composite component manufacturers for local and long-distance public transport and wind energy. The products enable fibre composite manufacturers to design and produce sustainable composite components that significantly reduce their environmental footprint.

"Our clear direction for the future: a sustainable BÜFA UP-resin specialties portfolio, sold via BÜFA's own distributors and sales partners. We believe that sustainability and success go hand in hand. Our vision and our commitment to the environment drive us towards a greener, more sustainable future for all," emphasises Lothar Kempf, Managing Director of BÜFA Composite Systems.