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BÜFA Composites offers you as a processor of composite materials a complete range of innovative and tailor-made composite products. Take advantage of our expert industry knowledge!

We offer comprehensive system solutions for the following industries:




Wind Energy

Building and Construction


Tanks and Pipes



Swimming Pools


Our products, such as gelcoats, topcoats and bonding pastes, meet all specific requirements in terms of fire safety and weight, for example. We will be happy to advise you on individual solutions.

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Our Industries


Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Emissions

Do you manufacture components for boot lids, engine bonnets or door elements for cars? Or do you produce roof and side sections for caravans?

Then you know how high the demands are in relation to aerodynamics, geometry, weatherproofing and surface quality. Fibre-reinforced plastics have just the right properties you need for this. Thanks to their combination of outstanding mechanical properties and light weight, composite components make an important contribution to increasing efficiency and reducing emissions. The lighter a vehicle is, the less energy – i.e. fuel – it consumes.

BÜFA has foam resins, gelcoats, bonding pastes and much more for you – specifically to meet the requirements of the automotive industry! BÜFA Composite Systems has a continuously growing range of sustainable products. Feel free to ask us about them!


Aerodynamic, Weatherproof, Protected against Fire

For anyone who operates and maintains commercial vehicles, along with comfort and safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and especially sustainability are the priorities. In order to meet these requirements, all the components have to match from the outset. Even at the manufacturing stage of components for trucks, buses, diggers, tractors and other commercial vehicles. The BÜFA product range has been developed specifically for the requirements of aerodynamics, shape geometry, weatherproofing and surface properties (Class A). The important factor of fire safety also plays a part. Whether it’s roof covers or front masks, engine covers, side panels or window and door elements: we offer resins and gelcoats specifically for utility vehicles.

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Wind Energy

Flexibility and Impact Resistance

As a manufacturer of rotor blades and nacelles for wind turbines, you know how important high-quality products are for this technology: The quality of a rotor blade is determined by the reliability of the many bonded joints. Thick adhesive seams are required to bond shells and webs, and the material must not run off sloping walls. The job of the gelcoat is to protect the rotor blade and machine housing from environmental factors such as moisture, light, temperature and impacts. Highly flexible materials with good impact resistance properties are therefore in demand.

BÜFA Composite Systems has first-class specialist products in its range for this industry: e.g. VE-based bonding pastes, highly flexible LSE gelcoats and Firestop products.

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Building & Construction

Stability and Versatility

As a manufacturer in the construction industry, you are right to expect design freedom, high component precision and dimensional stability. Your requirements are crucial selection criteria for us in offering you the right product solutions.

Fibre-reinforced plastics have a wide range of applications in the building industry in particular: roofs, roof lanterns, cladding, balcony balustrades, entire window frames and door ornaments – the range of applications for GRP materials are as numerous as their benefits.

The BÜFA Composites product solutions provide you with unique shapes, stability, durability, efficient weight savings and fire protection of the highest standard.
We have the right solution for your construction project, too. Just get in touch with us.

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Freedom of Design, Aesthetics and Functionality

Are you looing for elegant surfaces for your sanitary products? Or are you currently working on relining PMMA bathtubs? Many large manufacturers of washbasins and shower trays made of mineral casting rely on the products from our complete range.

BÜFA Composite Systems offers you coloured polyester resins, high-gloss gelcoats and transparent, clear gelcoats – for making elegant kitchen worksurfaces, for example. We also have the right accelerator systems in our range. Discover the connection between design freedom, aesthetics and functionality with our materials.
Our industry experts will be happy to advise you on the right solutions for your product.

Tanks & Pipes

Reliably Leak-Tight and Corrosion-Resistant

As a manufacturer in the field of tank construction, you know the high stresses to which containers, tanks and pipes are exposed in chemical systems and agriculture. Acids, alkalis, changing temperatures and direct contact with substances capable of oxidation and diffusion place heavy demands on the material quality.
BÜFA Composite Systems has an extensive range of specialist products for tank construction and production of containers and pipes.
Ready for processing, pre-accelerated or thixotropic resins, gelcoats or topcoats based on VE, bisphenol A or ISO/NPG.
Our industry experts will be happy to advise you on the right solutions to meet your requirements.

Swimming Pools

Optimal Processing and Durability

Swimming pools can always rely on BÜFA: we know the chemical, thermal and hydrolytic stresses to which swimming pools are exposed. We therefore offer a range of special gelcoats (colours are approved according to the AVK chlorine test method) and topcoats that use high-temperature paraffin for sealing the external earth-facing surface. With the BÜFA®-Swim-NPG product range, you can offer your customers the highest quality for a lifetime of swimming pool fun.
As a system supplier, we also offer the appropriate bonding pastes and machine technology for optimum processability.
Please contact our industry experts if you have any questions about these topics.

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Fire Retardant Systems and Lightweight Engineering

Are you look for solutions for the inside and outside areas of cruise ships that meet fire safety requirements and contribute to lightweight construction? Then we have the right products for you. Whether it’s for lifeboats, shower cubicles, wash booths, or leisure areas such as water slides, pools and rocky landscapes. Our gelcoats and topcoats based on ISO/NPG and ISO and our bonding pastes meet the highest quality standards.

The various BÜFA Composites bonding pastes are the right choice for hull and deck bonding, sandwich constructions made from foam and balsawood and for wood, metal and GRP bonds.

In addition, we have solutions for your special requirements such as “liquid glass mats” to avoid air pockets behind the gelcoat.

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Fire Retardant

In rail transport in particular, fires can be devastating as evacuation is difficult and must be carried out quickly. Fire prevention is therefore particularly important. Are you looking for safe passenger and goods transport using suitable fire prevention products for the railway sector?

The BÜFA®-Firestop product range meets all the relevant fire safety standards and material requirements regarding flammability, flame propagation, smoke gas release, toxicity of smoke gases and much more.

We will be happy to advise you with our extensive application expertise in relation to gelcoats, topcoats, bonding pastes, special resins and other special products.

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Perfection in boatbuilding

Boat building is one of the most important areas in which fibre-reinforced plastics are used. As a manufacturer of yachts and boats, you know what challenges sun and sea water present for materials. Are you looking for products that meet the highest standards of colour accuracy, surface shine and resistance to osmosis? Then BÜFA Composites will offer you the best advice.

We offer gelcoats and topcoats based on ISO/NPG and ISO for the highest quality standards. We also provide high-quality VE bonding pastes for hull and deck bonding and bonding pastes for sandwich constructions involving foams and balsawood. In addition, we have solutions for your special requirements such as “liquid glass mats” to avoid air pockets behind the gelcoat.

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