Pigment Pastes

BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes

An unlimited range of colours

In addition to the more than 100 standard pigments, BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes are readily available in shades and special colours that meet customer requirements. They are available in various carrier systems, such as epoxy or acrylic resins, solvents and other systems. All pigments used meet the highest requirements for light and weather fastness and cover the entire colour range.

You can find our entire range of pigment pastes in our complete range of products or talk to our experts – and ask them about our sustainable product portfolio, too!


BÜFA Composites - Pigment Pastes

Close-up of machine with various pigment pastes
Pigment pastes

Low-monomer pigment pastes

Low-monomer BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes are ground, high-quality pigments in various carrier systems. The pigment pastes are based on unsaturated polyester resins in low-monomer formulations. BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes are suitable for colouring gelcoats and topcoats and for UP and VE-based laminating and casting resins. All BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes have an optimal viscosity and can be pumped.

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Employee showing colleagues various pigment pastes on the pigment paste machine
Pigment pastes

Monomer-free pigment pastes

Monomer-free BÜFA® Pigment Pastes are also ground using high-quality organic and inorganic pigments and special unsaturated polyester resins. The organic pigments include, for example, azo pigments, phthalocyanine and quinacridone; examples of the inorganic pigments are titanium dioxides, iron oxides and bismuth vanadate. All pigments used in BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes meet the highest requirements for light and weather fastness. The pigment pastes from BÜFA are available in many standard colours and special shades.


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