Reinforcement, core & non-woven materials

Reinforcement, core & non-woven Materials

Ideal Strengths

Light weight, chemical inertness and good mechanical properties in the right direction are the most important factors when it comes to choosing reinforcement and core materials for challenging areas of application.
Glass fibre is the most common reinforcement material, as it has outstanding mechanical properties. Glass fibre production begins in furnaces with the direct spinning process. Here the finest fibres are spun from the traditional materials for glass production – quartz sand, kaolin and lime, mixed with special oxides. This glass fibre material is combined to make strands of various thicknesses and provided with a suitable finish.

For combination with the right resins, the glass fibres can be used as a cut mat, complex, direct or spray roving, roving fabric, an endless mat or fabric. The use of core materials also gives extra strength and rigidity to composite parts at low weight. A surface covering of non-woven material allows you to reduce unevenness and thus improve the quality of your component.

Our range of reinforcement products includes glass fibre mats, textile glass complexes, textile glass roving fabrics, rovings, endless mats, glass fabrics, carbon fibre and aramid fabrics. We offer premium products from our partners for every industrial application and whenever high mechanical properties, orientation in a particular direction and excellent application properties are required.


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