Sustainable products

Sustainable products

Our commitment to sustainability

When chemistry meets sustainability, the two come together to make “New Chemistry”. Composite products impress in particular when it comes to areas such as lightweight engineering, resistance, durability and repairability.

BÜFA Composite Systems is continuously expanding its range of products in a way that protects the environment. The focus is on the choice of raw materials and the development of products and technologies to lead the composite industry into an economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially sustainable future. This happens in combination with customers and suppliers, through production to sales. The development of a sustainability concept therefore includes the entire product lifecycle.


Innovative and Sustainable Reactive Resin Specialties

Tank with various hoses for adding chemical solutions
Sustainable products

Products with low styrene content

The following sustainability objectives are the focus of the BÜFA Composite Systems product range: increasing the proportion of renewable raw materials, using recycled raw materials, increasing the proportion of low-styrene and styrene-free products. Associated with this is the objective of reducing emissions or avoiding them altogether.

BÜFA Composite Systems has a wide range of sustainable products. This begins with BÜFA©-Pigment Pastes, styrene-free plumbing gelcoats, styrene-free marine topcoats and styrene-free hand lamination resins, continues through styrene-free bonding pastes for structural applications, and goes through to styrene-free cast resin systems and relining resins. Products and solutions for greater sustainability in the composite industry.

Gelcoats and topcoats
Resins and resin systems
Pigment pastes
Bonding pastes
Fire safety systems

Example of resins and bonding pastes in a close-up of a finished product
Sustainable products

Resins and bonding pastes with renewable raw materials and recycled materials

BÜFA Composite Systems includes BIO-resin in its product range, with the aim of reducing the use of fossil raw materials.

We also aim to increase the use of recycled materials in our specialist products, substituting them for primary raw materials. We have corresponding resins in our range. Simply get in touch with us!

Resins and resin systems
Bonding pastes

Working a screw into a conductive product
Sustainable products

Safety: Conductive products

Conductive products from the BÜFA®-Conductive Line conduct dangerous voltage charges safely away and thus contribute to safety for people and the environment – perfect for using components in EX areas.
This technology can be used in various industries, for conductive floor covering applications for example, conductive applications in tank construction, conductive SMC components, even for electrostatic powder coatings – anywhere where the safety of people and equipment is the focus.

Using conductive systems brings many advantages for mould tooling (BÜFA®-Tooling System). An electrically conductive gelcoat, for example, ensures that dust adhesions are minimised, demoulding problems are drastically reduced and tools are more durable – and those are just a few of the advantages!

Conductive systems
Mould tooling systems

Fire safety test with the BÜFA®-FireFox System
Sustainable products

Safety: Fire safety products

BÜFA Composite Systems has low-styrene fire safety systems in its range that meet the highest rail vehicle standards – for safety and lower emissions.

The BÜFA®-FireFox System offers a selection of our best fire safety products for use in closed-cycle systems. This allows components to be made with lower weight but the same rigidity. Components can also be produced more quickly. Thus, high-quality fire safety protects not only people but also the environment.

Fire safety systems
Foam resin systems
Railway vehicles

Close-up of foam resin systems
Sustainable products

Safety & lightweight engineering: BÜFA®-Foaming Resin

Safety and light weight – that’s what the BÜFA®-Foaming Resin system stands for. Components that are up to 45% lighter can be manufactured with this foam resin system. Other product advantages include: saving on materials, heat and sound insulation, reduction in production times, adaptable fire resistance – with fire safety of the highest level. The use of foam resin in lightweight engineering therefore helps to protect people and the environment in many ways.

BÜFA®-Foaming Resin is also available in an RTM version, which is used with the BÜFA Tec injection system. Processing in closed-cycle systems is a clean and environmentally friendly way to work.

Foam resin systems

Illustration of an injection process / vacuum injection
Sustainable products

Reducing emissions: Closed-system processes

Processing using closed-system manufacturing procedures brings with it a significant reduction in emissions. Enclosed moulds are used, for example, in vacuum injection and the RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) process. BÜFA Composites offers resin systems for sustainable solutions here, too.

Along with the reduction in emissions, there are other advantages, such as better surface quality, an increase in productivity and a massive reduction in reworking. Defective batches are avoided and resources are used efficiently.

We recommend BÜFA®-Resin VE RTM 6520 Class A here, for example.

Reinforcement, core and non-woven materials

Low emission machine processing in closed-cycle systems
Sustainable products

Reducing emissions: Machine processing

At BÜFA Tec, we are developing low emission machine processing and processing in closed-cycle systems. On the one hand this saves resources, on the other it reduces emissions and increases efficiency.

The benefits are clear: production time is cut, less waste is created because products can be transported directly in the drum or IBC, and styrene emissions are reduced. The machine technology of BÜFA Tec offers sophisticated, robust and user-friendly machine technology that reliably contributes to protecting people and the environment.


Container of BÜFA-Gelcoat on the conveyor belt
Sustainable products

Saving resources: Tinting

When manufacturing GRP components, there are always applications for which only smaller, clearly defined quantities of gelcoats are required in special colours. BÜFA Composite Systems has a solution to this problem too.

At our locations in Europe, we use sophisticated tinting technology which offers maximum flexibility when colouring gelcoats. The exact quantities required can be produced here, and waste is avoided. Efficiency in its pure form.

Boat building
Commercial vehicles

Close-up of foam core for manufacturing high-strength sandwich and lightweight constructions and as reliable components in fire safety systems.
Sustainable products

Core materials

We work in cooperation with 3D|CORE™ to manufacture high-strength sandwich and lightweight constructions and reliable components in fire safety systems. These innovative and sustainable solutions can be obtained through selected BÜFA distribution outlets.

The product range of 3D|CORE™ includes, for example, the 100% recycled 3D|CORE™ PET GR foam core and the 3D|CORE™ PET FR fire safety foam core with outstanding FST properties. These 3D|CORE™ PET variants are closed-cell, thermoplastic, recyclable hard foams. The integrated honeycomb structure offers more flexibility, simplifies handling in production and improves the technical properties of the final component hugely. Light and effective products for sustainable fibre composites.

​​​Reinforcement, core and non-woven materials