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Tooling Systems – in Brilliant Shape

BÜFA®-Tooling Systems

Do you need a conventional mould construction system or one with additional features? Conductivity, high-gloss surfaces and high component quality are just some of the advantages of using low-styrene BÜFA®-Tooling Systems for your mould making.

Through innovative product developments, our products meet the requirements of reliable mould making. Only materials with the best properties are used by BÜFA to make the highest quality moulds.

BÜFA Composites - Tooling Systems

Even more effective for better tools

The right moulds are required to make components from glass-fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP). In practice, these tools are often made of GRP themselves. Fibre-reinforced plastics are real allrounders in mould construction. Mould making begins with a positive original model with the necessary dimensional stability and surface quality. A positive or negative mould is made from the master – the variable form is a big positive here.
Only materials with the best product properties are used to make the highest quality moulds in the GRP industry. Extreme styrene and temperature resistance, high mechanical resilience, a good degree of gloss over the long term and dimensional stability are important criteria when choosing a reliable mould construction system.
Our aim was to develop a revolutionary mould-making system based on the latest findings in polymer chemistry. For even better tools within a shorter time. In an extremely cost-effective process!

Conductive mould

Measurement of the surface quality (Wave Scan Dual)

We Offer two Systems

Tooling - the Tried-and-Trusted Standard or the Safety of Conductivity

1. BÜFA®-Standard Tooling System
This consists of BÜFA®-VE Tooling Gelcoats and low-styrene, fast curing and virtually shrinkage-free BÜFA®-Tooling Resin. This system makes it possible to manufacture moulds of the highest technological quality in just one day instead of a week.
2. BÜFA®-Conductive Tooling System
The innovative BÜFA®-Conductive Tooling System includes coordinated individual components, a range of Conductive Tooling Gelcoats, a first-layer resin and a mould tooling resin.

At the core of the mould-making system is an electrically conductive gelcoat that minimises dust build-up, drastically reduces demoulding difficulties and also protects people and materials from electric shocks. Additional benefits include more attractive, high-gloss surfaces, less effort required for cleaning, faster cycle times, less scrap, longer tool service life and new options for mould production.

Our Solution
High-tech times three! Thanks to nanotechnology and curing agents that are constantly improving.

  • Conductive surface
  • Better surface quality
  • Moulds with extremely high dimensional stability

The new BÜFA Tooling System is always the right choice when it comes to value for money. It helps you to save time, use less material and even do your part for the environment. All while staying on top of your game in terms of product quality. Mechanical characteristics: Top. Surfaces: brilliant! And the antistatic properties of the mould also help to enhance occupational safety.
At a Glance

  • Increased process reliability
  • Reliably prevents electrostatic build-up and discharge
  • Minimised dust adhesion
  • Significantly reduced cycle times
  • High-quality component surfaces with significantly reduced ripple effect
  • Significantly better value for money

In order to provide the maximum contrast with the finished product, black is the best colour for white products.
Green is the best colour for white products with dark blue stripes.