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Light and Strong – the Foaming Resin Systems from BÜFA

Components and Benefits of BÜFA Foaming Resin Systems

We offer you an established foam resin portfolio for manufacturing very light and strong components – also with fire-retardant properties on request. This combination makes our complete system unique!

Extremely fast cycle times can be combined with new lightweight engineering options using foam resin systems. BÜFA offers you the complete package for working with foam resins: foam resin, blowing agent, accelerator, curing agent and, if required, machine technology, mould-making materials and the service you need. The versatile processing options mean the system can be used in passenger transport, wind power plant construction and many other industries.


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Lightweight Engineering with Maximum Fire Protection

Safety in relation to fire protection and weight reduction of up to 45 % for structural and light components, together with products that are fast and efficient to use are increasingly important in passenger transport, but also in the construction of commercial vehicles and wind power plants and in many other industries. We also offer you BÜFA’s own foam resin systems for lightweight engineering with various properties.

A Powerful Trio – Foaming Resin, Foaming Agent & Peroxide

In order to work with BÜFA®-Foaming Resin Systems, you require a Foaming Resin that meets your needs, BÜFA’s own blowing agent (REACH-compliant) and BÜFA peroxide. Homogeneous foam formation, excellent impregnation behaviour, expansion of the foam resin and fast demoulding characterise the system.

Flexibility and Surface Quality

The result is high-quality, light components which impress with their first-class surface finish. The particular economic advantages and versatility combined with the highest fire safety level are what make BÜFA(R)-Foaming Resin Systems so unique.

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