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New chemistry means responsibility

Sustainability at BÜFA Composite Systems

Over 20 years ago, we embraced the principle of “protecting people and the environment” in our corporate philosophy. As a responsible company operating in the chemical industry, BÜFA was guided by this long before sustainability had reached mainstream society. 

We create value and growth in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability report

Reduction in styrene

When it comes to sustainability and environmental protection, styrene is a big issue in the composites industry. In order to minimise emissions, BÜFA has been using less styrene – if any at all – to process polyester resins for several years. Our portfolio of bio-based, styrene-free and low-styrene gelcoats, topcoats and resins is growing steadily.

Our sustainable products

Reducing emissions

Processing using closed-system manufacturing methods brings with it a significant reduction in emissions. Enclosed moulds are used, for example, in vacuum injection and Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM process). Here, too, BÜFA Composite Systems offers sustainable solutions – whether it’s with suitable products or expert advice on process technology.



Our sustainable products

Our closed-system processes

Fire safety systems

Especially in high-tech multi-component systems such as fibre-reinforced composites, all components must be optimally matched with each other so that the product delivers the required performance. Especially where the highest performance is expected, such as the field of rail transport.

Our customers process our fire safety systems to make rail vehicles and other means of public transport, among other things. In the event of a fire, they release a very small amount of toxic gas and produce little smoke. Fire safety for maximum protection of people and the environment.

Our fire safety products

Green industries

Last but not least, many end applications are sustainable: BÜFA products play a crucial part in local and long-distance public transport, rail vehicles, boat building and wind energy, for example.

Weight and energy savings through lightweight engineering and protection of people and the environment are just some of the important arguments in favour of using our specialist advanced polyester resin products.

Our sustainable products

BÜFA Composite Systems accepts its social responsibility

This is where our focus lies

Strategy and growth

Our company philosophy is binding for all our distribution sites. In this way, we promote the sustainable growth of our company. We develop and produce our own products to retain full control and maintain good, long-term partnerships with our customers.


Climate and resources

We ensure that our refuse is sorted and waste is avoided to protect the climate. We have set up an environmental team to bring together, organise and implement sustainable ideas from employees. In addition, our Rastede site is climate neutral.

People and values

A fair partnership with our employees, customers and suppliers is our top priority. As part of our lean management, employees are integrated into the customer focus and value stream. Training courses are also run annually in accordance with the development plan.

Society and commitment

Across the BÜFA Group, we promote projects in the region (cultural, educational and social). For example, we support various voluntary fire brigades and work with universities and student research centres.

Portfolio and value creation

At the BÜFA Group, we think in terms of generations. In this context, protecting people and the environment begins with our choice of raw materials, the development of low emission products and the manufacturing of the product itself. Our implant system, for example, manufactures products not only significantly more efficiently, but also more sustainably, because it is low in emissions and sparing in its use of resources.