Building Sustainable Boats: The Eco_Optimist Approach

In spring 2022, KHULULA introduced the Eco_Optimist – the world's first production boat made primarily from renewable and recycled materials. This innovative boat is constructed using flax fibers and recycled composites, promoting environmental sustainability in the sport of sailing.
The concept of creating eco-friendly Optimist boats originated from the minds of Simon Licht and Holger Ambroselli, operating under the banner of Khulula, a trailblazing name in sustainable outdoor sports.

The Eco_Team Race Germany powered by KHULULA is the world's first sustainable and transparently documented sports series for children. The upcoming dates for the ECO_Team Race Events are on September 2nd to 3rd. For more information, visit:
Taking the lead on constructing the Eco_Optimists, Olympian Tobi Schadewaldt and his team at Jade Yachting undertook the task. By manufacturing the boats in Germany and utilizing European-made components, the need for overseas transport was minimized.
This eco-conscious small boat is meticulously fashioned using flax, bio-resins, and recycled composites. Contributing to the project, BÜFA Composites supplied the BIO-resin with a 70 % bio-based content, flax natural fiber reinforcement, and a robust honeycomb sandwich core made from recycled PET. The result is an environmentally-friendly Opti crafted from fiber composites, equipped with hydrolysis and UV protection. It comprises 70 % renewable resources and recycled materials.

For those seeking to delve deeper into the realm of sustainable composite products, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated contact at the BÜFA team.